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Cameo-Sized Missions → Ventura
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Mission San Buenaventura, located in Ventura, was founded in 1782, by Father Serra. This is the ninth mission in the chain and the last to be founded by Father Serra before his death. For the most part, this was a prosperous mission. Set in an area with an excellent climate and good soil, the mission fathers devised an irrigation system which provided for luxurious gardens around the mission. Besides the standard fruits, vegetables and grains, great quantities of exotic fruits were among the crops. The nearby Indian villages were populated with Chumash Indians, who were friendly, artistic and industrious. Although these Indians gladly helped with the construction of the buildings necessary to get the mission going, they did not want to give up their freedom and move inside the walls. Much of the original interior decoration by the Indians was covered up by so-called "improvements" in 1893. A restoration project in 1959 restored the mission church to approximately its original form.

Painstakingly sculpted by hand, then reproduced in cold-cast porcelain, each Mission de Oro collectible contains the minute details that remind us of their pastoral history. Towering palm trees shelter colorful gardens while red-tiled roofs keep the rain off white stucco walls – each mission tells a warm story of California history.

This “Cameo-sized” mission is approximately 3"W x 3"D x 2"H.

Price: $26.00