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Standard-Sizes Missions → San Miguel
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San Miguel

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San Miguel Mission, sixteenth in the chain of California missions, was founded in 1797 by Father Lasuen. This location was chosen to fill the gap between San Antonio de Padua Mission and San Luis Obispo Mission. San Miguel today has one of the better preserved interiors of all the missions. The church measures 144 feet long by 40 feet high and has 28 sugar pine rafter beams in the ceiling. The walls are covered with brightly colored murals showing false perspective, and trompe l'oeil pillars, balconies and designs of leaves and tassels. Above the altar is an "all-seeing eye of God" with its rays of light shining in all directions. The everlasting glow of color, which has withstood both the passage of time and the attempts of restorers, is due to techniques used in early days. The paint was either applied with a glue made of cattle bones or painted fresco-style on damp plaster. The miniature San Miguel Mission shows the unusual arcade, with each arch slightly different in size, just like the life-sized building.

Painstakingly sculpted by hand, then reproduced in cold-cast porcelain, each Mission de Oro collectible contains the minute details that remind us of their pastoral history. Towering palm trees shelter colorful gardens while red-tiled roofs keep the rain off white stucco walls – each mission tells a warm story of California history.

This “Standard-sized” mission is approximately 7"W x 5"D x 3"H.

Price: $58.00