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Standard-Sizes Missions → San Diego
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San Diego

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Mission San Diego de Alcalá, first in the chain of California missions, was founded in 1769 after an expedition from the south that brought great hardship and an enormous loss of lives. The decided band of religious and military Spaniards finally succeeded in establishing this first of three missions planned in Alta (Upper) California to hold the northern frontier from advancing Russians. The Mission San Diego was restored in 1931 to the way it looks today. The front of the church is very plain- perhaps the simplest of all the missions in the chain. The attached wall, called a campanario, which rises above the mission gardens is strikingly beautiful, and is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful of all missions. In the Mission de Oro Collection, a miniature replica of this outstanding architectural feature has been used for the Dealer display plaque.

Painstakingly sculpted by hand, then reproduced in cold-cast porcelain, each Mission de Oro collectible contains the minute details that remind us of their pastoral history. Towering palm trees shelter colorful gardens while red-tiled roofs keep the rain off white stucco walls – each mission tells a warm story of California history.

This “Standard-sized” mission is approximately 7"W x 5"D x 3"H.

Price: $58.00