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Cameo-Sized Missions → San Luis Obispo
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San Luis Obispo

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Mission San Luis Obispo, founded by Father Serra in 1772, was fifth in the chain. The area where it was located was crowded with bears and had been named "The Valley of the Bears" by Portola in an early expedition. Father Serra had been impressed by the cordiality of the Indians there and decided it to be a good location for a new mission. Other groups of Indians who lived south of the mission did not have such good dispositions. After three times having the buildings afire by these Indians, the padres began to experiment and finally developed red roofing tiles, similar to what they remembered from Europe, which all the missions quickly copied. Besides giving the missions protection from fire raids, the tile roof also kept the building interiors shielded from the rains. Now a parish church, Mission San Luis Obispo was restored in 1934 to its early grace and beauty, exemplified also in the miniature mission in the Mission de Oro Collection.

Painstakingly sculpted by hand, then reproduced in cold-cast porcelain, each Mission de Oro collectible contains the minute details that remind us of their pastoral history. Towering palm trees shelter colorful gardens while red-tiled roofs keep the rain off white stucco walls – each mission tells a warm story of California history.

This “Cameo-sized” mission is approximately 3"W x 3"D x 2"H.

Price: $26.00