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Standard-Sizes Missions → La Purisima
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La Purisima

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Mission La Purísima Concepción, located in Lompoc, was founded in 1787. Eleventh in the chain of missions, the mission was situated in a rich and fertile valley. In three years, with cooperative and intelligent Indians, the mission was prospering. After celebrating its 25th anniversary, the mission suffered terrible earthquakes, torrential rainstorms and a flood that destroyed all the early buildings. Another site, four miles away, was chosen for a new and better mission. Prosperity came again for a period of ten years. Then, misfortune came again-drought, fire, starving sheep and finally, a revolt of the Indians. Secularization came soon after and the mission lapsed into ruin. Today, La Purísima Mission belongs to the National Park Service. It has been more completely restored than any other mission. Much of the original appearance of the site can also be seen in the Mission de Oro miniature mission. If an interested traveler wishes to understand what mission life was like, La Purísima is the mission to visit. Tours and information are readily available.

Painstakingly sculpted by hand, then reproduced in cold-cast porcelain, each Mission de Oro collectible contains the minute details that remind us of their pastoral history. Towering palm trees shelter colorful gardens while red-tiled roofs keep the rain off white stucco walls – each mission tells a warm story of California history.

This “Standard-sized” mission is approximately 7"W x 5"D x 3"H.

Price: $58.00